It didn’t take me long to work out what to do when I realised that hardly any black teenage girls play chess; start a chess club just for girls!

My plans to introduce a new Girls Only chess club for teenage girls aged 12 to 17 yrs started after the success of my summer chess club for girls.

The REAP Centre in South East London BR1 5QW became the perfect venue to host the club. Playing chess teaches children the skills they need to make better choices. They’ll also learn to problem-solve & plan moves step by step.

I’m so looking forward to teaching teenage girls at the first ever girls only chess club in Downham.

If you have a daughter aged 12-17 years old who would like to learn chess click here to get in touch or come along to the REAP Centre. Chess classes start 5-7pm on Saturdays from January 2016.

chess for children