Junior Chess Club Pics

Junior chess club pics

Chess is a powerful educational board game that can strengthen children’s minds, develops their thinking and helps to teach underachieving girls and boys to enjoy learning in a fun way.  If you’ve ever wondered what happens in a junior chess club and what the children get up to, here’s a few images to let you see. Most of these pictures were taken a little while ago, so if your child was one of my students in a school or a club, you might see them here when they were younger.

The basic rules of chess are well within the scope of most children's learning ability and this has been captured here over the many years I've been teaching chess. Click To Tweet

I’ve also been posting on Facebook and Twitter for a while to help promote junior chess as well, so there’s also a few memes here with quotes and tips about chess too. Here’s hoping you enjoy going through them all and maybe you might see your little darling when they were young and cute.




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