This week (Wednesday February 15 2012) Former world chess champion Garry Kasparov and Silvio Danailov, President of the European Chess Union (ECU) visit the European Parliament in Strasbourg to promote chess in school. The main focus of the day was to highlight the many educational benefits of chess for children.

After the seminar Garry Kasparov played a simultaneous game of chess with children and other members of the European parliament.

Kasparov has set up the “Kasparov Chess Foundation Europe” and when you visit his site you can download a great report that outlines the benefits of chess in education giving examples of research and papers on chess and education

Some of the benefits found for children who play chess includes:

  • Chess makes kids smart
  • Chess improves academic performance
  • Chess is a tool that enhances creativity
  • Chess improves problem solving
  • Chess helps kids with memory and concentration
  • Chess can improve self esteem and many other abilities

You can read the report by clicking the link below


If you live in South East London and would like to explore the benefits of your child attending one of our many chess clubs in the area please click here to complete our enquiry form and I will contact you with details.