When I started my first chess club for children in Royal Greenwich I made a decision to keep the cost of each class low because I wanted to include as many children as possible and 7 years later they’re still low.  One of the things I sometimes say on Twitter is children must learn chess and more schools in South East and North West London are slowly coming around to making this happen.

Here are some of my most recent tweets outlining my own opinion as a chess coach, why children must play chess:

chess for children south east londonTo develop a well balanced attitude to others, “children must learn chess”

Playing chess helps with imagination & creativity so “children must learn chess”

I’m not going to let another generation of children have little direction in life. “Children must learn chess” NOW!

Chess will give children essential discipline, so I’m saying that, “children must learn chess”

To help build their confidence “children must learn chess”

To improve their memory skills “children must learn chess”

Schools can help increase attainment levels “children must learn chess”

I could go on and on about why I believe chess is a great game to support the emotional and educational attainment of children and why I’m passionate about making sure that as many children as possible in SE & NW London learn to play chess.  So if you’re searching for  chess classes for your kids click here to find out about our local classes including dates and times.  They are held at Roundwood Youth Centre NW10, Herne Hill Baptist Church SE24, Glyndon Community Center SE18, Eltham Park Baptist Church and St Hilda’s Church SE4 so pop along to one with your child whenever you’re ready.